Session 2: Advanced synchrotron and optical characterization of materials at extreme conditions

Synchrotron and optical spectroscopy in-situ at extreme high pressure and temperature conditions are versatile tools for characterization of wide range of properties of materials essential for understanding the structure, composition, and evolution of terrestrial and giant planets, synthesis of new chemical compounds and functional elements etc. Over the past two decades, high pressure research has made breakthrough progress in many fields of science extending our research scales due to significant advances in the development of both high pressure generating vessels and in-situ diagnostic tools: high brilliance synchrotron-based techniques (high resolution x-ray micro-diffraction, x-ray spectroscopy, micro-imaging, inelastic and nuclear resonance scattering) and optical spectroscopy (Raman, Brillouin, absorption etc). This session welcomes all contributions that will highlight cutting-edge developments in sample characterization, including recent results benefited from these advance experimental and analytical approaches in static and dynamic studies.

Session chairs

  • Dr. Vitali Prakapenka, University of Chicago, Argonne,IL (USA)
  • Dr. Dongzhou Zhang, University of Hawaii, Honolulu,HI (USA)

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dr. Viktor Struzhkin, Carnegie institution for Science, Washington D.C. (USA)
  • Dr. Oliver Tschauner, University of Nevada, Las Vegas,NV (USA)
  • Dr. Stanislav Sinogeikin, HPCAT, Argonne, IL (USA)
  • Dr. Nicolas Holtgreve, University of Chicago (USA)
  • Dr. Gaston Garbarino, ESRF, Grenoble (France)
  • Dr. Yoshinori Tange, Spring-8 (Japan)
  • Dr. Ross Howie, HPSTAR (China)
  • Dr. Christopher A. Tulk, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S.A.)
  • Dr. Bin Chen, University of Hawaii, Honolulu,HI (USA)
  • Dr. Przemyslaw Dera, University of Hawaii, Honolulu,HI (USA)

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