Session 5: Materials science

With continuous advances in x-ray and neutron techniques, it now possible to gain deeper understanding of material behavior over a broad range of experimental conditions. Insight into structural stability, transformation pathways, deformation mechanism(s), surface layer characterization, etc., can be gleaned on a broad range of materials. Furthermore, application of x-ray/neutron measurement techniques is vital for understanding next generation-advanced (i.e. 3D printed, layered, nano etc.) manufactured materials, and in turn using the obtained information to develop materials with tailored engineering properties, which could be synthesized using LVP or DAC. This session will provide a forum for discussion of:

    • -- Emerging and relevant x-ray/neutron diagnostics and techniques for measurements of material properties;
    • -- Development of new advanced materials with tailored engineering properties.

    Session chairs

    • Dr. Haozhe Liu, HPSTAR (China)
    • Dr. Nenad Velisavljevic, Los Alamos National Lab (USA)

    Confirmed Speakers

    • Dr. Siddhartha Pathak, University of Nevada, Reno (U.S.A.)
    • Dr. Sheng-Yi Xie, Hunan University (China)
    • Dr. Qiaoshi Zeng, HPSTAR (China)
    • Dr. Zhidan Zeng, HPSTAR (China)
    • Dr. Haozhe Liu, HPSTAR (China)

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